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Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Tooth Extraction

There are a few different reasons why a tooth extraction might be needed. A decayed tooth that cannot be repaired with dental fillings or crowns may be extracted to prevent the spread of infection. A tooth may also be extracted prior to the placement of dental implants or in conjunction with other procedures. Even if they are not damaged or infected , wisdom teeth may be extracted to prevent crowding of teeth down the road.

Since wisdom teeth have no effect on a person’s bite and chewing ability, wisdom tooth extraction is among the most common forms of tooth extraction. Most patients are teenagers or young adults when their wisdom teeth are extracted, but wisdom tooth extraction may be performed on adults of any age as well.

The Process

After an initial consultation and decision that a dental extraction is needed, we will discuss all details about your procedure and allow you to ask any questions you may have.

On the day of your extraction, a local anesthetic is applied to the area around the tooth or teeth to be removed. If only pulling a single tooth or a few teeth, the patient will most likely remain awake during the procedure, but the anesthetic numbs the mouth so that the patient experiences no pain and minimal discomfort during the procedure. For wisdom tooth extraction, however, wisdom teeth may be removed all at once. In most cases, a general anesthetic is given to the patient, and the patient sleeps throughout the entire procedure.

After the tooth is extracted, the area is covered with cotton gauzes to stem the bleeding. These gauzes are changed regularly to keep the area dry and free of infection. Sometimes stitches are used to stop bleeding and seal out contaminants. Some stitches will dissolve without requiring a return visit, while others will need to be removed by a professional after recovery.

If there are any gaps from where the tooth was extracted, an implant, dental bridge, or denture may be placed after the tooth is extracted.

Most patients recover from tooth extraction in a few days or less, however it is crucial that the patient take proper care to avoid infection or complications following surgery.

Take prescription pain medication no more than needed

Ibuprofen and other non-prescription pain medications may be used with approval of your doctor and/or dentist

Apply a cold compress to the cheek or other outer part of the mouth to numb pain and reduce swelling
Change gauze pads regularly.

Rinse with a mild, warm salt water solution after 24 hours. This may reduce pain and swelling.

Eat only soft foods right after surgery. Slowly reintroduce solid foods based on level of pain after the mouth has healed

Elevate the head, as lying flat can increase bleeding

Do not use a straw when drinking. Sucking motions may agitate sensitive parts of the mouth and may prolong bleeding.

Do not do anything physically straining

Continue to brush teeth to avoid risk of infection. We will go over best care practices with the patient and/or caretaker of the patient to ensure as quick and easy a recovery as possible.

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  • Dr. Davoudi is honest and trust worthy. without any hesitation I have to admit she is one of the best and skilled Dentist I've ever had so far, she really went out of her way to make me comfortable. after to much searching to find a good Dentist with reasonable prices

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  • Dr. Davoudi and her staff are the best. My temporary crown fell off twice because i was not supposed to floss hard (since I am a die hard flosser!) and Dr. Davoudi patiently put it back till my permanent crown became ready in two weeks. I am very happy with the quality of work and my crown. Definitively going back if i need any dental care. it's a great peace of mind to know that you have a quality dentist that you can trust and get dental service from.

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